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General Trading Conditions:

§1 General Informations
  1. The following General Trading Conditions are a Component for the Recourse of all our Services.
  2. The following Conditions in their valid Version, apply to Future Supplies and Achievements, also without renewed Supplies to the User.
  3. Only English-Language Sites are allowed.
§2 Offers/Termination of Contract:
  1. Our Offers are free.
  2. A Contract, for which these Conditions are, appropriate to Reason and comes off with the Registration with this Offer.
  3. We reserve ourselves the Right to stop or change our free Offer at any time, without Claiming for Damages on the Part of the Announcing or Webmaster. We are excluded entitled without Advance-Notice, to delete or lock individual Users from the Service.
§3 Description of Service:
  1. We offer a free Webhosting Account with one included Subdomain. Further Services like E-Mail, CGI, Telnet, PHP, Mysql etc. are not contained.
  2. Ads are switched for Financing the Services on the User-Sites.
  3. We are anxious to ensure a constant Availability of the Service. A requirement on constant Availability does not exist.
  4. The free Services, as well as the Support of the participant by E-Mail, Telephone or anything elses, are voluntarily furnished. There is not a Requirement on it.
§4 Rights and Obligations of the Participants:
  1. With the Inquiry of Personal Data of the User from the Service, he has to give these Data compellingly truthful. These Data are stored electronically, but passed not on Third, as long as no Violation of the law is present.
  2. The Participant has to ensure, that his Entrance can't be used by Third. It's obligated, to pass its Password and other Data not on Third.
  3. The Participant has not the Permission, to put down entitled Sections of his Homepage.
§5 Unwanted Content:
  1. With this free Service, it's forbidden to Upload or in other Way, to Publish Sites with Adult-Porn Contents.
  2. Further all illegal Contents are forbidden, in particular Contents, which promote the Race-hatred, contempting for Human beings Contents or Representations or Descriptions of sexual Actions with Children or Animals.
  3. With Information of such Contents, immediately Announcement is refunded.