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Frequently asked Questions:

How many Time does it take, for Activating my Account?
The Account is immediately available.

Is it free for commercial Use?

Can i register more than one Account?
No, but we can upgrade your Account with more Webspace.

Why do you need my E-Mail-Address?
The Confirmation will be sent to this Address. And Informations will be sent to you.

Why do you need my personal Data?
We are held for Domain-Registration, also with this free Offer, to document the Data of the Announcing. The Data-Protection regulations are naturally considered.

Can i create Subdirs?
Yes. You can create many Sublists in the First-Level.

What can i do, when my Webspace is full?
Please send us an E-Mail, maybe we can give you more Webspace.

Is there an Upload-Size-Limit?
It's limited by 1024 Kilobyte.

Can i use Frames?
Yes, it's possible. You should inform us by E-Mail, so that we can stop the advertising- Form "Popup". Otherwise in each Frame an advertising-Banner is indicated.

I couldn't find my Question in this FAQ!
Send us your Questions.